Friday, 31 December 2010

basal ganglia, white mater

cranial n & ni

eye practical


sini ada several gamba utk praktikal mata.. 
sori lmbt update & xda description sgt (juz ada label gamba je)
korg blh men teka2 la ek..
macam kuiz la...

nak tau mana atas, cari longest nerve (frontal nerve)

bawah frontal nerve, ada levetor palpebrae superioris
bawah levator palpebrae superioris ada sup rectus ms.. (xda gamba)

nak tau medial, ada 2 muscle
kecik ckit & slender, sup oblique ms

satu lg ms kat medial, medial rectus

ni lacrimal gland kat lateral side..
nak tau lateral side, ada 1 muscle sahaja..
lacrimal gland ada yg x nmpk@ ilang

lacrimal bundle (v, a, n)

lateral rectus

lateral rectus

inferiorly, inf rectus

part of inf oblique ms

inf rectus

optic nerve

part of inf oblique ms

Saturday, 25 December 2010

sumthing about....ANAT PRACTICAL EXAM!!

·        Scalp,face,skull

·        Post triangle

·        Ant triangle

·        Cranial cavity

·        Brain stem

·        Cerebrum(all surfaces)

·        Internal capsule(horizontal section of cerebral hemisphere)

·        Cerebellum

·        Eye ball

·        Ear

There will be 7 spots for 15 marks.
1Q×3m= 3marks

Each spot consist of one main question,then there will be some questions related.

Eg :
1)identify the colored area?
-what structures related to it..etc

Some of Q that might be asked :

-optic nerve  (origin,blood supply,structure crossing it)
-extraocular muscles   (know its origin,insertion,nerve supply n blood supply)
-for brainstem,there will be 6 possible Q :
·        Basilar pontine groove (basilar artery & its branches..etc)
·        Middle cerebellar peduncle (what fibers passing through it..etc)
·        Pyramid (fibers related,cranial nerve related to it)
·        Olive (inf olivary nuc,cranial nerve related to it)
·        Inf cerebellar peduncle (fibers passing through it)
·        Gracile n cuneate fasciculus

 credit to Zatil~  ;)

notes of midbrain

Orbit 1

notes of the 1st lecture of Orbit~

click on image to get clear note~